Friday, 25 November 2011

Why Steel Doors and Steel Frames Make a Great Combo

When a passageway requires utmost security, there’s no doubt for having a combination of steel doors and steel frames.  The steel combo provides maximum strength and durability, not to mention resistance against the elements.  Aside from strength, steel features incredible visual qualities, which further enhances the appeal of a structure or building.  Whilst there are other alternatives for securing openings and passages, steel is something that can’t be beat in a number of aspects.

Steel Gateways in Action

Both frames and doors form a complete passageway system – entrance, exit or both.  The system is designed to meet specific requirements as in the case of industrial, commercial or residential applications of steel shutters, steel doors, and the like.  It’s not new to see steel gates, shutters and doors securing many business and office establishments.  Even residential garages are almost always making use of steel for its doors.

Steel’s Great Advantages

Doors and frames may be made in variable materials, including wood, aluminium and glass for doors.  However, steel is particularly in demand due to its strength and durability.  Where safety of property and life are topmost priority, users need not be indecisive about steel for the doors and frames.   Steel’s high level of rigidity, versatility, and cost-effectiveness makes it a truly practical option for securing entrances, exits and other openings.

When compared with wood, steel doors are fire retardant and more cost-effective.  They don’t need to be as thick to be strong, whilst wood doors and frames have to be made of thick, hardwood to guarantee their strength and durability.  Steel is more hardwearing than wood, and it’s only enemy is rust, which can be prevented by the application of anti-rust coating.  Wood on the contrary, is vulnerable to many elements including moisture and termites.

When compared with aluminium, steel is heavier and sturdier, not easily bent and dented.   When light-duty doors and frames are required, users can always opt for higher gauges of steel, which are thinner and lighter.  When heavy-duty steel doors and frames are required, gauges 16, 14 and 12 may be used.

Steel’s Weaknesses Solved

Steel is prone to corrosion and rust.  But galvanised steel offers higher degree of resistance against corrosion and rust.  Steel may even be coated to prevent it from being exposed to air and moisture, which cause rust.  When corrosion is a major concern and can undermine sanitation, stainless may be used instead.  There are different steel alloys available for making steel doors and frames, and each has its own level of resistance against corrosion and rust, and each vary in strength, durability, and price.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

How to Save Money on Roller Shutter and Steel Door Repairs

Roller doors and shutters ensure security against intruders and also provide a secure barrier against destructive weather elements. They are designed in such way to ensure great fit, smooth operation and highest security. Another great thing is that they don’t require high maintenance, which makes them a great economical choice. Even though they don’t require high maintenance, you still need to carry out periodical checks to ensure that they are in good working condition. Regular checks will also help to prevent more expensive repairs.

Checking for balance should be done each month by a skilled technician, preferably someone licensed and insured.  The doors should be balanced, being smooth to roll up and down the roller tracks and able to stay stationary at any point along the tracks.  Otherwise, the steel doors are out of balance and need to be adjusted.

Jammed and stiff doors should not be forcibly raised or lowered.  Check individual parts such as springs and rollers for damage and have them repaired immediately.  At times, all that is needed is some cleaning and removal of accumulated debris and dirt.

All moving components, save for the roller tracks, should be lubricated each month.  Lubricant facilitates smooth, safe and quite operation, but when placed in the tracks, it attracts more grime and dirt that disrupts operation.  Lubricant likewise increases the life of the moving parts, and the entire security shutter device.  Among the important parts that need lubrication are bearings, hinges, rollers, and springs.

To prolong the life of the roller tracks and to encourage smooth and quite operation, occasionally apply silicon spray.  The spray gives the tracks a slippery finish, enabling the doors slide properly.  If you want to lubricate the tracks, use petroleum lubricant, but brush away dirt and grime before application and wipe away excess lubricant after.

Automatic doors and shutters should be set in manual mode annually or semi-annually.  Manual operation should then be predetermined and done according to manufacturer instructions to prevent damage.  The support brackets should be checked if they need servicing.  If so, it’s always advisable to contact a qualified technician right away.

Springs should be re-tensioned periodically, and each time the roller shutter gets abnormally heavy or difficult to lift or roll.  Avoid operating doors with damaged tension springs because this causes damage to the motor and the opener.

Steel cables on the sides of the doors should be checked as well whether they are in ideal shape and position or not.  Replace protruding and broken cables right away to avoid accidents and worse damage to your doors.

All bolts and fixings should be tight in place.  Loose ones can easily snap out of their holes and make the doors unstable and dangerous to operate.  When there are loose bolts, do not operate the doors automatically rather, operate in manual mode in order to control the speed at which the roller doors are moving up or down.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Steel Doors and Shutters for Domestic Applications

Rolling doors or roller doors are typically used in institutional, commercial and industrial establishments, specifically delivery entrances, storage buildings, parking garages, and retail entrances. They are extremely strong and long-lasting, and can withstand constant use without getting stuck unlike folding doors used in residential garages and storage units. Yes, these security doors and shutters may be applied in residential properties, as well.

Residential grade rolling doors are great alternatives to regular residential folding doors, particularly when security is a topmost priority. Rolling steel doors do not come in multiple panels, so they are sturdier. Steel is a good material for any type of establishment or structure because of its versatility, durability, beauty and longevity. Any home would become a lot more secure with these doors without compromising its homey appeal.

Steel shutters and doors with spaced bars or openwork grills are perfect to maintain security within the home while allowing air to circulate. This is great for securing verandas and patios. With these security door features, there is no need to haul valuable items to and from exterior spaces before and after each use. Residents can confidently outfit gazebos with entertainment devices for some afternoon picnics, and when it is time to retreat for the night, they simply close and lock the grills to secure them.
Security doors are likewise ideal for securing private vacation homes, which families only use during holidays. Such homes are usually vacated most months of the year, making them vulnerable to vandalism and theft. With the use of roller shutter and door systems, vacation homes remain considerably safe from intruders, remaining a haven once families come to spend the holidays.

Rolling doors and shutters are equally useful for securing domestic greenhouses. Greenhouses are made of glass or plastic, which are engineered to meet specific standards. However, it often pays to reinforce the walls and doors with steel to make them a lot stronger. In some instances, steel doors, walls and roofs are used to replace glass or plastic in greenhouses, because steel likewise provides ample insulation and heat trapping properties, providing great environment for gardening.

Steel rolling doors and shutters are low maintenance and are generally coated with anti-rush finish to keep rust damage at bay. They come in full length or customized length to match areas of application. They provide security and insulation, which are two of the most important things needed in homes. In addition, steel roller doors and shutters are fire-resistant, so they make homes even much safer for living.

Roller Doors - Ensuring Security in Commercial Establishments

Commercial establishments are the usual targets of burglars and thieves. If you own a store or restaurant, you naturally want to ensure maximum security within your business premises. Roller doors and shutters provide the level of physical security needed to keep criminals at bay. These security features offers additional protection, covering glass doors, windows and walls during closing time. Apart from burglars and thieves, security doors and shutters also protect your office or store from weather elements.

Security shutters and doors are standardized, making them very simple to install. However, their dimensions and, in some cases, designs may be customized to fit your individual needs. Also, these shutters and doors may be painted according to your choice of shade. You can even have your business name or logo painted on the roller shutter or door, so that your logo or name shows when it is rolled down. This serves as a marketing bonus for your business, which works for you even during off-business hours.

Regardless of the type of enterprise or business you have, you are going to find rolling security doors and shutters useful. Almost all types of commercial spaces may be equipped with roller shutters and doors. These security features are generally made or iron, aluminum or steel to guarantee versatility, strength and longevity. Steel doors may be installed to reinforce wood or glass doors, particularly during no-business hours and at closing. This is to ensure there are enough barriers to potential break-ins during times when your store or office is left unguarded or unmanned.

As mentioned, security shutters and doors protect your premises from damages caused by weather elements such as wind, sun, rain and snow. During storm weather, you can roll down your security door and shutter to keep your premises protected from anything that may beat against your door and windows. Steel shutters and doors are a perfect option if your office or store is generally made of glass, which is vulnerable to breakage and damage. In your absence, you can keep security shutters and doors down for protection, and when it is business hours, you can keep them up to show beautiful glass doors and windows, optimizing the display of your merchandise.

One great thing about most roller shutters and doors is that they do not require much maintenance. This means that you do not need to oil or grease them to keep them from operating smoothly. Then too there are electrically operated security shutters and doors, which saves you time. However, manually operated roller doors and shutters are less expensive and may be the more practical choice for small businesses.